Creating a sustainable future by making green financing simpler, faster and more affordable

Investing in local clean energy infrastructure used to be hard, making institutional investors reluctant to deploy capital in residential and commercial clean energy assets.

LEGR changes this dynamic by leveraging its Green-Hardware-as-a-Service technology platform to bring together clean energy project developers, investors, and borrowers.

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What drives us

The climate and biodiversity crisis threatens our future. The economy is both, the biggest construction site and lever at the same time, in the urgently needed transformation: it must be decarbonized sustainably and immediately.

We need to make the transformation as cheap, easy, fast, and accessible as possible. But capital is currently a bottleneck that is significantly slowing down the transformation: non-transparent regulation, excessive initial investment, and bottom-line underutilized potential.

LEGR provides the technology to enable this transformation: We make sustainable financing simple, accessible, and more affordable.

So that capital becomes an accelerator instead of a barrier, to transforming our economy. There is no more time to waste!

125 trillion euros must be invested worldwide in the transformation to achieve climate neutrality. 44% of this will be financed by loans.

Increase your sales and CLV while lowering your CAC without dilution

Our investment platform enables uncomplicated access to project capital. As a cleantech, you are enabled to offer various financing solutions to your end consumers that can be seamlessly integrated into your existing processes.

We specialize in clean energy project financing with a focus on local energy systems that achieve ESG goals for real estate owners and tenants

Our services integrate seamlessly into your existing processes

You can decide which services you want to use and how to integrate them into your system landscape and customer experience.

Case study

Enabling VOLTRANG to democratize the access to solar energy by lowering upfront costs through a 20-year rental model.